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Northmead & District Probus Club, formed in July 2019, offers opportunities for retired and semi-retired men and women to socialise, share experiences and engage in diverse activities through monthly meetings, member-run clubs, excursions, theatre, world travel, lunches, gala events, and more. Members' guests are welcome to join us at any of our events within the guidelines of Probus South Pacific


Our Club strives to be inclusive and to ensure we have:  



Our focus is on fostering similar interests, and social events as well as providing monthly meetings with inspiring/creative and intriguing speakers.


We aim to provide regular meetups for semi-retired and retired people within our Northmead & District area who appreciate and value connecting with others and who are inspired to be adventurous, share ideas, and be actively engaged in the activities we develop for us, the Northmead & District Probians.


A sense of fellowship strongly connects us through respecting and cherishing our different backgrounds.

INTERESTED?   Join us as a guest at our next meeting or approach a member to request an "Expression of Interest " form, the first step in becoming a member.

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