Next MeetUp every Monday 1pm 

Please call for
information re: venue

Convenor Jan 
0428 080 848

Lunch Club


26 August @ Doyles CODE 101
27 August @ Allegro CODE 102

Click here for the 2020 schedule

Call C
onvenor Sue for details

0405 777 994

Time Travellers

MeetUp TBA 

Call Convenor Lyndsay for details
0409 003 646

Walkie Talkies

9.30am.   August 12

MeetUp Knightsbridge Shopping Centre 
Joining the Walk ?
Contact Convenor Patrick 0403 161 515

to let hm know.

Craft Club

Next MeetUp  @ 10am 
August 3rd Tuesday

Please call Convenor for 
information re: venue

Convenor Sherel 0413 853 393

Writers' Block 

MeetUp TBA

Call Convenor Rod for details 
0433 484 977 



Parramatta Library will let us know when  ready to loan Book Club books

Convenor Debra 0421 998 434

WeWalk Club


August WeWalks
3.30pm 11th MeetUp @ Els 

3.30pm 25th Lion's Park WHills 

Convenor Robyn  0419 463 783

Convenor Liz  0431 771 884


MeetUp TBA

Call Convenor Sandra for details 
0410 511 678

 'Meaders Clubs

Our 'Meaders Clubs continue to grow.  Interested in joining one of these Clubs. Call the Convenor of the Club or Clubs you are interested in joining.  He/she will add you to that Club's email list and let you know if any of the MeetUps change.


Keep an eye out as new groups form. There just might be an activity of particular interest to you.  REMEMBER           to contact the relevant Club Convenor for details. 

We need YOU to take the initiative to start new Clubs for our Northmead & District Probus Club. What about it?  If interested, please contact a committee person to discuss your ideas for a Club.