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At each monthly meeting, we tend to have a very special speaker, either from an external organisation or one of our wonderful members.  


Topics are amazingly diverse, challenging, creative, and stimulating. From medical research, to travel, to recreational opportunities, ageing actively and more, our speakers are an important part of who we are as a Club. 

Do you know a dynamic speaker? Someone who will really engage our members?  Or, perhaps you can suggest a topic of interest.  Let your Committee know.

AND NOW... click on the image for an overview of each Guest Speaker. 


Nick Gleeson OAM 

June  2021


Brendan Hughes

September 2020


Patrick Northey

March 2020

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Bob Mendelsohn

October 2019


Uli Holmes 

May 2021

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Harry Saville

August 2020

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Peter Kirkwood

February 2020

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Lyndal Carter

September 2019


Robyn Dalton

April 2021

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L Gibson-Langford

July 2020


Wendy Bull

January 2020

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Elizabeth Sequeria

August 2019

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Ron Ray OAM

March 2021


Gregory Sheath

June 2020


Ian Moore

November 2019

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Serina Mace

July 2019

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